Do You Hate the Dentist?

If you, or someone you know has been afraid of the dentist,there is hope! Dental sedation can help you forget about needles and shots, pulling teeth, drilling teeth, and other unpleasant dental stimuli. If you’re afraid of a certain procedure or just everything about dentistry, than dental sedation may be right for you!

Are you a “gagger” when it comes to molds or objects in your mouth?  Does the dental mirror or other instrument cause you to gag with even minimal pressure to your tongue? Dental sedation can help you receive optimal quality in your dental restorations by dramatically reducing your gag reflex.

At Modern Dentistry, we are licensed to provide oral and intravenous conscious sedation. We are one of a small number of dentists who are licensed in Illinois to provide conscious sedation for our patients.

If you’re ready to smile again, please call us at (630) 409-0185, or e-mail us and request a free sedation consultation.  We will spend time understanding your goals and you will have an opportunity to meet the team and have your questions answered.